Live performances will resume fall of 2021!



Faculty Recital - Gustavus Adolphus College (2019)

             Alec Wilder Sonata No. 2

                  Douglas Hill Oddities: Nines

Horn Soloist with The Singers - Clausen's The Water is Wide (2015)

Alumni Soloist with the St. Olaf Band - Gliere's Concerto for Horn (2013)

             31:00 - I. Allegro

Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra - Mahler's Symphony No. 2 (2013)

Morey Horn Studio YouTube Channel (tutorials)


Melissa Morey is a free-lance horn player and teacher. In addition to running Morey Horn Studio she teaches at Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter), is a member of the Gustavus Faculty Woodwind Quintet, and is a founding member of the Mélange à Trois horn trio. Morey is a sought-after instructor, presenter, and adjudicator at music camps, contests, honor ensembles, and schools.


Morey holds a Master of Music degree in horn performance and pedagogy from the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she studied with Douglas Hill; she earned a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal music education (with departmental distinction) from St. Olaf College where she studied horn with Priscilla McAfee and voice with Margaret Eaves-Smith, and was a member/soloist with the St. Olaf Choir, Band, and Orchestra. Morey also studied with Michael Gast, principal horn for the Minnesota Orchestra.


Morey has performed in numerous professional vocal and instrumental groups throughout the Twin Cities region, most notably the Minnesota Orchestra and the Dale Warland Singers, and she currently serves as the principal horn for Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. She was a featured alumni soloist with the St. Olaf College Band (2013), and a faculty soloist with the Gustavus Wind Orchestra (2015) and the Gustavus Symphony Orchestra (2016).


Morey lives in Minneapolis with her husband, Nicholas Ellison, and three music-loving pets.


I teach people (through music). I always prioritize the whole person before the musician.

I believe that mentorship is as big a role in teaching as musical instruction. It is a role I value and take seriously.

I welcome and affirm students of all backgrounds. I unequivocally state that Black, Indigenous, POC, LGBTQA+, Neuro-diverse, Otherly-abled, and ALL people who suffer under systemic racism, sexism, and oppression MATTER at Morey Horn Studio. I am still learning how to recognize and dismantle my own hetero-white-able-body privilege, but I will always endeavor to improve my words and actions. I strive to be an ally. ALL ARE WELCOME!

I give each student a wide variety of customized experiences -- solo repertoire, chamber music, music theory, assistance with large ensemble music, audition preparation, etc. I also balance teaching horn technique with mindfulness, reducing performance anxiety and anxiety in general, playing ergonomics (using the body in a healthy and efficient manner), listening, and life/work/school balance.

I endeavor to strengthen and encourage players of all ages to learn more about themselves, horn, and music as part of a lifelong journey of self-improvement and exploration.


I value all of my teachers and mentors, regardless of how and when they were in my life. But I would like to especially acknowledge my personal lesson teachers: Charlotte Morey (piano, voice), Michael Morey (horn), Hazel Erdmann (piano), Wonne Kroes (piano), Glenys Wignes (voice), Mark Perkins (horn), Priscilla McAfee (horn), Margaret Eaves-Smith (voice), Megan Tillman (voice), Don Hoiness (voice), Michael Gast (horn), Douglas Hill (horn). I would also like to thank all of my professors at St. Olaf College and University of Wisconsin-Madison; all of the many camp conductors, honor group conductors, masterclass guests; and all of my students, who are the best teachers of all.



Juno is a greyhound who is calm, welcoming, and sweet to everyone he meets. He WILL lick you but he never jumps or barks. He likes welcoming people into our house and leading them to the horn studio. If you're really lucky, he'll sing along with our horn warm-ups.


Mostly he sleeps. A lot. 

Natasha is a tabby/tortoiseshell who is curious but fearful. She will welcome you cautiously and then probably run away. Sometimes her desire to sit on my lap overrules her fear and she cries outside the studio door for attention.


Mostly she sleeps. A lot.

Boris is a tabby who believes he is our home's enforcer. He will welcome you confidently, lure you into believing he is friendly, and then hiss at you. But it's all an act. He's actually a big softie. If you ignore him completely he will probably love you forever.


Mostly he sleeps. A lot.

If you have animal anxiety, please let me know -- my staff can have "time-outs" during your lesson time.