What Students Say...


"I've never met a teacher that approaches teaching the way Mel[issa] does. Since our first lesson, my views on life have drastically changed (not to mention my views on music). When I hit those inevitable bumps in the road, Mel always offers a new way to think about them; it's almost like she's a horn teacher, friend, and therapist all wrapped into one. Mel has taught me so much about perspective and mindfulness, more than I ever thought possible -- and only with her help did I come to realize why music exists."

~ Ella, age 14

"Melissa Morey has completely changed how I look at my horn playing and life in general. The first time I met her she was super understanding and easy to work with. In either my first or second lesson I made huge improvements and was super excited. No matter what your problems are she always knows how to fix them or find out how to fix them for you. She's also big into explaining things in a different way depending on how you think and react which really shows she cares and wants you to get better. I met her at Shell Lake Arts Center summer music camp closer to my home and by the end we had lessons figured out where I had to drive 2 hours to see her any time I needed one because she was worth it. It makes it hard to go but whenever possible I make an effort to commute. She's got an amazing outlook on life and has little tricks and tips that turn you into a better horn player in no time. She's the best teacher you could ask for and I definitely recommend her to anyone ready to take the next step in their horn playing."

~ Logan, age 16


"I have learned so much from Melissa. She seems to know the perfect balance between teaching horn and teaching people. In my lessons, she not only teaches me difficult techniques or rhythms, but also life lessons that will help me thrive. Every lesson is personal, and she always stops to hear about how I am doing before she teaches me. Beyond that, my skill on the horn has increased immensly since I started taking lessons from Melissa! She pushes me towards pieces that I feel I cannot do, but I am able to tackle them because of her. I am extremely happy that I chose Melissa as my horn instructor."

~ Augie, age 17

"Every time I have a lesson with Melissa, I feel comfortable being myself. She helps turn my mistakes into valuable and teachable moments. Melissa has such a kind, gentle, and friendly personality that helps make lessons fun and not daunting. Her compassion is so helpful after difficult performances and during rough life patches. Every lesson is jam-packed with extremely beneficial information that has helped me grow as a horn player. I have improved greatly as a musician and a person all thanks to Melissa's wonderful music and life lessons."

~ Renee, age 16


"Melissa has been so generous and open to sharing her resources and thoughts about horn playing and beyond. I leave excited and anxious to explore new ideas from each lesson. Melissa's commitment and joy in helping her students is truly inspirational."

~ Karlee, age 23

"I am a returning player after many years away from the horn.... I can see [Melissa] genuinely wants me to excel. She is helping me to reset my embouchure and I love playing again. Melissa has studied with the best and it shows!"

~ anonymous, age 50+


"I exit every lesson optimistic, content, and nothing short of cherished as an individual."

~ Molly, age 18


"Melissa's talent as a teacher is never more apparent to me than when I plop down, pull out eight measures of music that simply isn't happening, and she finds and solves the problem I couldn't even articulate in the first place."

~ anonymous, age 16

What Parents Say...

"Melissa is not only an excellent horn player and teacher, she is also a counselor to her students. She helps with strategies for managing stress and anxiety, for horn performance purposes, and also just for life skills. She takes time to get to know each of her students so that she can tailor her teaching to their unique needs. And, she's flexible in scheduling. We are so grateful to have found her to teach horn to our son!"

~ Rachel Wright

"My junior high student was ready to quit after a couple frustrating years.  When this last child of four performers met Melissa at Band Camp, she catapulted in inspiration and achievement.  In one short year Ruth not only gained notable horn technique and sound, but a valuable adult mentor who models how to enjoy the giving away of music to thirsty ears and souls.  She shows my girl how to be a decent human being.  Her motto is true:  'More Than Horn.'"

~ Kathryn Dikkers

“Melissa has been an absolute treasure to find. We have watched our daughter blossom and grow under her tutelage. She is such a positive, supportive, and inspirational instructor. We appreciate that she compliments our daughter’s existing song work from school, and upcoming performances; supplementing to what she already has going on; and then helping to guide her one step further. So many doors and opportunities have opened under her guidance. Our daughter has taken advantage of, and flourished from, some of the many summer camps, auditions, and clubs that Melissa has connected her with. She believes in her students and is there with them every step of the way on their own individual musical journeys. There is no hesitation for us to make the trip across the state border to meet with such a top-notch teacher and mentor.” 

~ Kristi & Ron Vorndran

"Melissa Morey, besides being the excellent horn teacher that she is, is a warm, genuinely caring person who helps her students keep a positive outlook on both their horn playing and their lives in general.  She is a wonderful horn teacher who really knows and understands how to teach and how horns work.  She takes a broad approach to her teaching – it’s not just about notes and technique, but also life skills for performance, auditions, how to deal with and manage stress, and how to make the most out of practice time.  She keeps her students updated about performance opportunities around the Twin Cities as well as the greater Midwest.  She also really helps to guide them through the audition process for experiences such as All-State and Minnesota Youth Symphony (or Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphony) auditions.  She is flexible with her schedule, but also clear on guidelines and expectations for her lessons, which makes things easier for both her students and their families.  We feel so fortunate to have found Melissa, and will greatly miss her being a part of our family’s lives when our son goes off to college.  We enthusiastically recommend her as a horn teacher."

~ Stephanie & Jeremy Alden

"Melissa is a highly-engaging, inspiring, and motivating teacher for my beginning-level horn student. She is teaching him a love for music, a commitment to learning, and the ability to have a lot of fun along the way. Setting this tone early in a child’s music career is so critically important, and Melissa is doing it brilliantly."

 ~ Jennifer Hellman

"My child treasures Melissa's guidance not only as an excellent horn instructor, but as an experienced mentor when it comes to all things challenging. Melissa has taken the time to know my child as a person and nurture her as an individual. In addition, her horn skills have improved dramatically under Melissa's care, as each lesson is designed to meet her needs in that moment." 

~ Kim Huseonica

"Since my daughter started taking lessons with Melissa, I have had people question why I drive all the way across town for lessons and recommend options much closer to home. But, I tell them that I have learned over the years through lessons on different instruments with my child with different teachers, that besides finding a talented musician you need to have a teacher that your child (especially once they are a teenager!) relates to and enjoys spending time with. Otherwise, you will never get them to practice and enjoy the instrument they are playing. Melissa always makes my daughter feel welcomed and, through the rapport she has developed with my daughter, manages to motivate her to strive to improve when neither I or her band teacher can seem to interest her in playing her instrument."

~ Julie Jones