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Sound Like Crap? - Compost It!

spring forest floor

Nicholas and I recently vacationed in rural Wisconsin, enjoying the last remnants of winter and welcoming in the first sight, sounds, and smells of spring.

As we were tromping around the muddy woods, I started noticing all the wonderful “yuck” present at this time of year –- the disintegrating slough of last fall’s leaves, slick with snow and mud and sleet; the broken branches covered in moss and mushrooms and bugs; the various animal scat filled with fur and grass, gathering insects…

All of this got me thinking about how frustrated I get with the “crap” I sometimes produce during my artistic endeavors. I take failed attempts and mistakes as a personal affront to my intelligence, talent, effort, and energy. I use them to judge myself harshly and reprimand myself for not working hard enough, long enough, or well enough.

But if I were to take a lesson from nature, I would just let that crap settle to the ground, disintegrate into the greater whole, and use it for its rich worth –- as compost, as food for the next season, as something vital and necessary for growth.

So, as I move into spring I’m going to try to focus on letting the fallen leaves, broken branches, and piles of poo be what they are -– vital, and part of the process.

I wish this for all of you, as well. Happy spring, everyone. Go forth and compost.

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